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PPL (A) - Private Pilot Licence

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Ppl-Private Pilot Licence

What is PPL?

EASA PPL training location Europe | JAA PPL training place Turkey | FAA PPL training location AMERICA | ICAO PPL training location OTHER COUNTRIES

English is an abbreviation of the letters PPL "Private Pilot License".

PPL; It is a type of pilot license that allows a person who has no flight training to fly before sunrise and sunset, provided that there is no commercial purpose, in order to fly before single and multi-engine aircraft.

The requirements for obtaining a PPL are determined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority). The letter in parentheses followed by the abbreviation PPL indicates the class of the aircraft: PPL (A)> aircraft, PPL (H)> helicopter, etc.

Which planes can be fly with PPL license?

In general, light aircraft (Non-Ultra Light) with a maximum take-off weight of 5,700 Kg and less may be flown under the PPL license. This corresponds to approximately 8-10 aircraft. You can fly a plane of your own or a plane that you rent with your license. Example Planes: Cesna150 / 152/172/182/210 | DA20 / DA40 / DA42 ME = Seneca1 / 2/3, Tecnam 2002,P92 <5700kg.

What is PPL license training?

This is a training program for those who have never taken flight training and want to take the first step in piloting. In this program, candidates can use any single-engine aircraft except for commercial purposes after they obtain PPL licenses.

What are the courses and exams to be taken in PPL license education?

010 Air Law
020 Aircraft General Information
030 Flight Performance
040 Human Performance and Limits
050 Meteorology
060 Navigation
070 Operating Procedures
080 Flight Principles
090 VFR Communication

What is done in PPL license training?

A total of 120.00 hours (minimum of 50 hours) of theoretical knowledge training is given.

PPL (A) course 35.00 hours. The total number of minimum is 45.00 (excluding night flight), with 10.00 hours alone (including S / S) flight (with Teacher Pilot).

Night flight is optional.

At the end of all these training, Civil Aviation 1st flight control 2nd written exam and ICAO level (Obligatory in Hungary) are entered and a license is obtained after being successful.

What are the requirements for obtaining a PPL license?

1. To have taken the age of 17,
2. To be at least high school or equivalent.

What is the PPL license aptitude test?

PPL is a practice exam that must be passed except for the written exam in order to obtain a license.

In the talent test;
1. Manage the aircraft within its limits,
2. To be able to complete all maneuvers smoothly and fully,
3. To be able to make the right decision as a good aviator,
4. To be able to apply aviation knowledge,
5. It is expected that the aircraft will always be in control, without any doubt that the outcome of a procedure or maneuver will be successful.

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The planned time for PPL training is 45 days. This period may vary according to meteorological conditions and other factors.

  • PPL training ground classes are held remotely online and there are no requirements for an introductory semester. You can start online classes whenever you want by making your contract and deposit payment.
  • Departure and return dates, planned departure dates, visas, and other procedures are determined by the school and student planning. The school offers very flexible planning in this regard.
  • Provides accommodation and transportation within the airport during PPL training.

Your Extra Expenses:

  • Medical:
  • ICAO Level:
  • Logbook, Map, etc. :
  • Authority Fees:
  • Control Instructor Fee:
  • Control Flight Aircraft Charter Fee:
  • Transport:
  • Accomodation :

Unless otherwise stated, the PPL training price includes 45 hours of flight or 45 hours of flight and online ground tuition. The following expenses are paid by the student. In your contract, please definitely request that the expenses included in the price you pay are specified.

  1. Medical: It is obligatory to obtain a medical report before receiving PPL training and the fee is paid by the student.
  2. ICAO Level: You need to get a minimum of ICAO Level 4, the exam fee and the fee for printing the license are paid by the student.
  3. Logbook, Map, etc.: It can be paid by the school or paid by the student.
  4. Civil Aviation Fees: The fee for PPL control flight request or license printing is paid by the student.
  5. Control Flight Instructor Fee: The fee determined by the authority is paid by the student in person or on the account of the authority.
  6. Aircraft Rental for the Control Flight: The student pays the 1 hour and 30 minutes flight rent to the school.

Check the TRAINING DETAIL tab for your extra expenses that are included in the training or that you have to pay.

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