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Hour Bulding 60 Hrs

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Start: 01 August 2022

Finish: 31 December 2022

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Noir Aviation (HU)

Hour Building

PIC ( Hour Building) Pilot in Command Flights;

Pilot in Command, or PIC for short, means the flight performed alone by the student pilot who has received flight training. PIC flights must be made at the times determined by the Civil Aviation authorities in the training implemented under PPL, CPL, and ATPL licenses.

The following training programs are applied to the candidates who are registered for the PIC (Computer Pilot Flight) module upon request.

Note: According to the legislation, PIC flights are not defined within the scope of training and it does not make the following training compulsory, it is only applied on flights upon the request of the candidate.

  • IR Theoretical and IR Flight Practice Trainings
  • Square tour training
  • Emergency training

It is a 60-hour PIC flight package.

  • As long as the weather permits, there is a chance to fly 6 hours a day.
  • You can fly sunrise/sunset PIC.
  • It is mandatory to fly with a safety or teacher pilot at the beginning.
  • After the instructor control flight, it can be flown alone.
  • Regular hourly price is 115€

  • Must have a valid PPL license, Single Engine Rating, Medical, and ICAO level before the flight.
  • Your contract can switch to a higher package without paying a fee, for a lower package you have to pay an extra fee.

Extra Expenses:

  • Safety Pilot:
  • Flight Instructor:
  • Safety Pilot Fee: If you want to feel extra safe during the flight alone, you can fly with an experienced pilot.
  • Instructor Pilot: You can hire an instructor at your hour for IR practice, Emergency Experiences, and advanced flight training.

Check the TRAINING DETAIL tab for your extra expenses that are included in the training or that you have to pay.

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