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NVFR Training

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Start: 01 August 2022

Finish: 31 December 2022

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Noir Aviation (HU)

NVFR -Night Visual Flight

Flight training for a pilot with a valid PPL(A) rating to gain night vision and discrimination skills.

"Night visual flight", short for NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rules) flight, is used for flights made after dark, in other words, Night VFR covers the time period from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. CPL and NVFR flight, which must be performed under night conditions for at least 5 hours in order to obtain an IR Authorization, includes both dual flights with an instructor and solo flights (each school's own manual determines the solo flight time).

In NVFR - Night Flight training; This training is given to pilots in order to ensure the ability to perform take-offs and landings by sight in night conditions and only when the meteorological conditions are VMC. Night Flight training is completed in an average of 2-3 nights on aircraft with NVFR authorization. This period is determined by meteorological conditions and cannot be guaranteed.

"Night", according to ICAO, is the time between the end of official twilight (Civil Twilight) in the evening and the beginning of official twilight in the morning.

  • A pilot who will fly at night must have a night rating.
  • If it is to carry passengers, it must have made at least 3 landings in the last 90 days, and at least 1 of these must have taken place at night.
  • Night flights, which were only IFR in the past, can be performed as both VFR and IFR after the change made by EASA in 2012.
  • Aircraft must hover at least 1000 ft above the highest obstacle in a 5 NM radius.
  • When flying below the transition altitude, you must be out of the cloud and able to see the earth.
  • Flight levels should be selected according to the semicircular and quadrantal rules when necessary.

An aircraft to fly at night must have the following (aircraft with NVFR rating):

  • Altimeter
  • turn-belt indicator
  • magnetic compass
  • speed clock
  • Status Gyro
  • VSI
  • Navigation lights (A/C not mandatory).

It is a 5-Hour Night flight package.

  • As long as the weather conditions are suitable, the chance to fly 2-3 hours a day is offered.
  • You can fly between sunset/sunrise.
  • It is mandatory to be an instructor pilot and to fly alone.

Must have a valid PPL license, Single Engine Rating, Medical, and ICAO level before the flight.

Extra Expenses;

  • Lighting Fee:
  • Ground lesson Fee:
  • Lighting Fee: It may be included in the fees of the schools providing education or an extra fee may be charged.
  • Registration to Licence Fee: Authorities may have license processing fees, please confirm this on the website of the licensing authority

Check the TRAINING DETAIL tab for your extra expenses that are included in the training or that you have to pay.

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