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Atpl Theory

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Start: 01 August 2022

Finish: 31 December 2022

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Noir Aviation (HU)

Atpl Theory Training

Airline Transport Pilot License - ATPL Theoretical Training (Everybody's Trouble, but the most unpleasant training on the road to dreams)

It is the necessary theoretical training for pilots who already hold a Private Pilot License - PPL and plan to continue their Commercial Pilot License - CPL training by taking the first step in their professional career. Within the scope of ATPL (eng. Airline Transport Pilot License) Theoretical Training, it is aimed to carry out the theoretical training required for the CPL license in the highest quality and efficient manner. It is 650 hours and is completed in two phases, face-to-face and online.

The ATPL Theoretical Course covers a total of 14 subjects, knowledge of which is mandatory for a future airline pilot, these are Air Law, Airframes and Systems / Electrics / Power Plant, Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, Performance, Flight Planning, and Monitoring, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, VFR communications, IFR communications.

  • Price includes: theory consultation, 2 years of ATPL CBT/PDFs, and question database access
  • CAA EXAMS: Not included.

This training, which is 650 hours in total, is a distance education model, with 65 hours in the classroom environment. There are 6 sessions to pass a total of 14 courses. In order to go to the exams, you must be successful in the remote practice exams called home-exam. You have to give all courses within 18 months after the first exam date, and each course has its own right of 4 times.

After completing the ATPL Theoretical Course, you will receive the Course Leaving Exam Certificate from the CAA. You can use this certificate to cover the theoretical parts of your SEP IR or CPL training.

The exam fee of the relevant civil aviation authority for 14 subjects is paid by the student himself and may vary.

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