Is it more beneficial to have IR / CPL / ME training as a single package?

Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument authorization (IR) is a 50-hours flight training that can be performed as Single Engine / Double Engine. For this training to start, you will need a 50- hours PIC flight with Medical 1 + NVFR authorization and at least 1 300NM Cross-Country mission. All of this training can be real flight or 15 hours of real flight and 35 hours of the simulator. Along with this training, it is a right move to make an ATPL agreement for the remaining training, CPL + ME and ME / IR. Generally, this training is completed within 30 days +/- 5 days alone (ATPL theory courses for the control flight must be completed and at least 100 PICs and a total of 150 hours of flight completed). Control Flight is 1 hour of CPL and 2 hours of MEIR and ME.