I am actively flying in airlines, I want to convert my Type license to EASA.

Frequently Asked Questions

To convert your active license to FAA, ICAO, JAR or Non-JAR, you need to;

  • Must have a valid ATPL.
  • Your total flight time must be at least 1500+ and a minimum of 500 hours of Multi Pilot Aircraft
  • After your undergraduate confirmations are made by the authorities, you are entitled to take 14 ATPL theory courses.
  • MED1 from EASA countries
  • ICAO level Min 4 from EASA countries (Whether you can submit an existing ICAO level certificate depends on the country you are converting to)
  • An EASA Approved TRE (Type Rating Examiner) to control your EASA approved type model and deliver results reports to the CAA.
  • The country you are going to convert may ask you why you want to convert, and which company you will work for in that country.