What should I do if my license is issued, where it comes from and does not arrive?

Frequently Asked Questions

My License Output: Firstly, if your license application process has been made, if you have entered your own Ehivital Account and you can see approved or under process your license from License Management / Pilot Licenses, then you can see your license process .

Where they send me to licence: If you have selected sending way MAIL during your licence application uploading your documents for the license, you will receive your postal address to your registered address in the Administration / Change Contact Details menu within 1-2 weeks. If they do not find you on address your licence will return to CAA.

My license did not reach my hand: This issue is experiencing from time to time if we first accept your license and did not reach by mail-postal, it can be still on the way or returned to CAA again. If this situation happened and after you saw acquired in your system you must ask for CAA with an email.

Sample Text: Dear Sir / Madam, My name is "First name Last name" License Number: "0000xx", I know you are busy but not my license.

Email : iszhf@itm.gov.hu