I get Medical 1 from other EASA countries, why is my license late in Hungary?

Frequently Asked Questions

In the MED1 regulation, which changed as of January 2019, psychomotor and mental tests such as mini mollymawk or DLR were introduced. This mental test, which was prepared and designed according to European culture, is done in their native language or in English. MED1 goes as far as failing with the result of not understanding it completely. The process is very new and everyone is looking for a way out in this regard, and this situation is reflected in the issuance of licenses with the need for correspondence between countries.

It resulted in the prolongation of the language process of all trained candidates who are currently studying in Hungary or other countries and whose license is already in Hungary. The process of issuing licenses is not easy, be prepared for this in advance.

We requested that the licenses obtained from Aeromed be sent to them and that these licenses be confirmed with the country of purchase, and that these licenses be made while continuing the education without reflecting on the license procedures.

In short, this means that medical license confirmation and confirmation does not start before any license application is created. If NVFR, MEP, IRSE, as soon as any training is finished, you automatically start this process by declaring MED1 in this process. In the process of issuing the license, calculate your stay in the Visa and SHENGEN regions well. Please make your own plan in order not to be a victim in this regard.