Icao Level Exam Example - Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

1-Section One Introduction & Experience-related Interview (7 – 8 minutes)  Candidates are asked a series of questions on common, concrete and work-related topics specifically related to their aviation experience/licence.

2-Section Two  Interactive Comprehension (8-12 minutes)

  • Part 2A: Candidates listen to aviation-specific recordings of non-routine and emergency situations. Candidates are required to explain what they understand about the situation.
  • Parts 2B &2C: Candidates listen to a series of problem-solving role-play scenarios. In Part 2B, the candidate is required to ask questions to the speaker. In Part 2C, the candidate is required to give advice to the speaker.  

3-Section Three Picture Description and Discussion (10 minutes) Candidates describe and compare 2 connected pictures. The task is interactive as specific questions are asked about both pictures. Finally, the examiner leads a discussion of general aviation topics related to the pictures