Announcement of 2020 Austro Control ATPL theory exams

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Looking ahead to the year 2020, we would like to report on some optimizations and changes that we will and have to implement over the coming weeks and months.


We had previously allowed a re-take in the same sitting for reasons of practicability. We now have in consultation with EASA to correct this with January 2020 and for all future examination events, resulting in the following changes:

- Re-takes in the same sitting are no longer possible

A re-take triggers a new sitting if it is taken in the same session!


Your application have to be provided at least 7 working days in advance. We kindly have to ask you to ensure that your planning for the exam sessions is completed at the mentioned period and we have been informed about the exact planning for the particular session. The information needed by us is:

  • Session planning (subjects)
  • Exact information for each candidates about the exam papers planned to be taken

Unexpected changes are not allowed in regards to the candidate or the subject planned.

Further changes expected to occur around April, about which we will inform you as soon as possible!


Fix exam dates for 2020:

16-17. Szeged
27-28. Budapest

13-14. Szeged
24-25. Budapest

9-10. Szeged
30-31. Budapest

Best regards,