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For the education you want to take and to understand your purpose well;

  • Your education (you must be at least high school graduate), your foreign language level, which country you want to study and which education you want to get are detailed.
  • Information gathered about whether you will encounter a visa issue for the country you want to go to.
  • Up-to-date information on the capacity of the schools is provided by taking into account the date you want to start the education.
  • Your minimum and the maximum budget is calculated by taking into account your training period (training, accommodation, food and drink, transportation, etc.)
  • You will be provided with comparative information about education, the countries, and options for decision making.
  • We remind you that there is no economic difference between going directly to your school and going to our company.

Please note that there is no extra charge beyond the list prices of the schools, and if any campaign has started and a discount has started (some schools may offer a discount from time to time), you will benefit from these discounts.